Major problems

i got my self the 1016Im from pcworld i have removed my other cdrw and installed this one, its seen in XP and is recognised by all my CD/DVD-RW programs but when it comes to using em they freeze and crash. Ive tried to run the liveupdate but that also freezes and crashes. I can drag and drop files into the dvdrw drive in windows but cant use any programs.

Its all connected properly cos otherwise it wudnt been seen wud it? any ideas as im at the end of my tiff, ive also done all windows updates etc…

I have an ABIT KG7 Lite mobo cheers all

Take it back and get another drive the BTC drives are extremely poor at dvd writing, good for cdwriting but poor for anything elese. PCworld are doing the Philips 1625 on offer £49.99 at the moment and they also sell the LG 4163B for £59.99 these are two great drives.

Beware Keep away from Cibox and Emprex these companies sell BTC drives under their names.