Major PROBLEMS with LiteOn 48x Drive LONG ARTICLE!

Hello everybody of this forum, any help or input on this problem would be GREATLY appreciated since I’ve been tearing my hair out over it for a long time now debating if to buy a new CDRW drive or what I should do… :frowning:

The problem is as follows:

It all began when I wanted to upgrade burner from my 12x Hewlett Packard to something better. Several of my friends swore by LiteOns products to be both cheap AND good quality/performers, so I finally decided to get a LiteOn 40x CDRW drive.

At first I was quite happy with it, but after a while I noticed that it would scratch discs you inserted to it as well as it having severe problems reading discs. It would spin the disc up, then down, then up again and be very slow in accessing data on discs.

Also if that was not enough it would do the same thing when burning. If I was lucky it would do a 40x burn… most often not. It would spin the drive up, then down… then up… sometimes starting the burn after a while (1-5 minutes!) and sometimes giving me a Power Calibration Error using Nero BurningROM.

It would do better if I used slower speeds like 32x or 24x but pretty much the only speed that it worked reliably under was 12x speed. Then it would spin right up and start burning.

Sooo since the drive scratched discs and didn’t perform as expected I first tried returning it to the store for another one, but getting no help from them I decided to chuck the drive and buy another NON LITEON drive.

So I got a TDK 48x. Got it home, hooked it up and - had the EXACT SAME problem with that one. Save the fact that it did not scratch discs as the LiteOn had been doing. Upgraded to the latest firmware with no improvement… then started digging around the net only to find out that the TDK I had bought was a REBADGED LITEON 48x drive!

Same thing with this one on both reading and writing as with the 40x liteon I had before. Except it seems it reads pressed original CD’s and CDRW discs just fine… and it writes either on CDRW (max 12x media tested!) or CDR without a hitch at 12x speed or lower…

First I suspected my motherboard, or cabling etc, so checked all of that and came up empty. Have all the right drivers installed, latest ASPI layer installed etc. etc. etc. All my other friends who has LiteOn seems to do fine with it… Thinking of buying another CDRW drive OR Combo drive NON LITEON now but I would hate to buy a new CDRW drive to end up with the same problem again. Seems to be no problem with the IDE channels (tested switching and setting it up in different configurations to test it).

Thinking of a Plextor burner if I’m going to get another one,
or alternatively a cheap good quality drive that is not LiteOn
and that would work.


My computer setup is:

Athlon XP 1800+, 768 MB RAM, MSI KT3Ultra motherboard.
Running Windows 2000 SP4 with latest patches and ASPI Layer installed.

Burner is configured as PRIMARY SLAVE and DVDROM is SECONDARY SLAVE.


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That’s odd… Now if you were running XP I’d say Windows had tossed your IDE channel into PIO mode, 2K isn’t known to do that so much but check anyway through the device manager.

And what media have you tried so far?
I dunno how it could scratch discs though :confused: