Major Problems with EAC

So I’ve been using EAC for a few years. I don’t consider myself an expert user by any means by I know how to use the basic functions of the program, I guess.

Until recently, everything worked with no problems. Now, whenever I try to test a cd for errors or extract a cd into compressed mp3 files (to put on my ipod) the cd rom drive stops and starts over and over again as it is reading each track. Not only is the stopping and starting of the drive annoying to listen to, but sometimes it get “stuck” on a track and will just try to do a “stop and start read” of that track over and over again. Then there will be sync errors. This has happened on brand new, flawless discs that I have bought at the store and discs with no scratches that I extracted with no problems before.

This is really frustrating. Any advice on what is going wrong and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

Just a guess, but does the optical drive work fine - I wonder if there is some dust on the laser…?
I have one that did the same and my cure was to clean it with a cleaner disc.
Hope its not a silly guess, and good luck !

I do my “Extract” (to wav) compression (to mp3) and tagging (id3) in seperate operations.

My extraction (EAC) goes to my 20gig “H” drive which is actually the drive I trust least (it has failed in the past).

from the temporary wav files I create mp3 files (NCH Switch sound) on that drive, then using tag scanner 5.0 I create/edit the id3 tags

THEN using defraggler I defrag the newly created and tagged mp3 files before I copy them to my storage, playback and archive drives

JUST extracting a CD in “secure mode” takes 3-4min.
Creating/compressing mp3 files a bit less
Tagging rarely less than 90seconds

I found that extracting AND creating mp3’s in a single operation
tends to take disproportionatly longer, usually 10min plus.