Major Problem!

Well HI im new here and I have a major problem… my PX-712A does not read,write, or do anything. When I put a cd in it goes yellow and then flashes orange or sometimes there is no light and I cant get the cd out. This is a terrible problem I have upgraded my firmware to 1.09 and its no help is my drive dead?


How long have you had the 712?

Has it worked ok in the past?

If it worked before - what have y’all done to it or your 'puter just before it stopped working?

Welcome to the Forums-eh!

Im scared its dead because I have had it for a long time…years… 3 or 4 years. It stopped burning things a long time ago but I dont use it to burn anyways but it would be nice but when i put LOTR battle for middle earth in it it stopped.