Major problem

hi guyz…im desperate…help is needed

i am having this strange problem…plz help…4 movies r at stake

i rote twice to dis LG dvd using Nero 7 premium on my LITEON SHW 160P6S and evrytime i created a multisession disk…after some time i rote to it again…but now d disc is showing only d last ritten movie…d oder 4 r gone…altho d disk is 3.6 GB full

how do i get my prev ritten movies back

plz do advice…i just dlded 4 movies and dont wanna lose dem before evn seeing dem

Use the Sessionselector from Nero or a software like Isobuster…

Thank u to the power 1 gazillion.
u saved me from so much truble…btw wy did dis happen in d first place

When using Multisession, always use the same software. Start with “start a session” and when you want to burn the next session, always select “continue multisession”. When you burn the last session to the media/disk, it needs to be finalized.

i did use d same software…and started a multisession at first go,…after dat everytime i continued d session…but i gess i didnt do dat finalize bit…but is it required…i mean i am continuing sessions and who knows i may rite again…so even if i dont finalize…wats d prob wid dat den??