Major problem with Pioneer DVR-107

well guys ive just got myself a Pioneer DVR-107,
and im having Major trouble with it !

its reading DVDs ok burn im having trouble burning them
ive been using G04 Riteks, when i try to burn a dvd my computer is crashing! everything locks up and ive got to press the re-set button on my PC.
it always seems to be around 34% ,

What chipset do your mainboard have? What IDE drivers are you using?

What programs used? Checked if the program is latest version?

What firmware do you use?

hi ,
firmware 1.10 ,
ive used DVD Decrypter and its the latest version
ive got a nforce 3 150 mainboard

Tried using the M$ IDE drivers included with the operating system? the Nvidia nforce IDE drivers usually causes trouble.

how can i check if im using Nvidia nforce IDE drivers ?

go to control panel->system->Hardware->device manager->IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

hi , ive just uninstalled the nforce IDE drivers and installed the windows drivers and its working fine now ,

maybe this issue should be on a sticky thread since many people are having it

i think so as well, maybe this is why some people NEC 2500a writes arnt working as well??