Major problem with LDW-851S - help please

My LDW-851S drive is acting up crazy since yesterday. Every DVD movie I play on that thing appears as zoomed or appearing big. I tried different settings on my powerdvd software. Tt plays the same way on windows media layer 10 as well. Nothing was changed. I have the latest firmware GSOP from lieton website.I’ve been using this drive for about a year now. This is really strange. I am running windows XP SP2. Will it come back to normal if I put the original firmware on it. I need that as well if it could fix it. Can somebody help please?

That problem is related only to your player software. Your drive is fine.

Both PowerDVD and WMP10 cannot act up strange at the same time if it is software related. It is confusing. Is there any setting that I need to check or correct?

I have had my Media Player on WinXP SP2 decide to play all my video files zoomed. It’s quite annoying. My DVDs fill the freaking screen. I never could figure out why it does it. It’s the same for my 163 and my 851, so I doubt it’s your player. Probably a graphic driver, or a software player issue.

There is a setting for size of playback. Right click you window when a movie is playing and check the options it giives there, you’ll find it.

Good luck.


Finally I was able to fix this problem. There was an option in my Nvidia graphics video utility. Under video overlay settings there is a zoom in and zoom out option.
It was set to zoom in. I picked zoom out and everything started working fine after that.

Thanks for your suggestion on graphics drivers.