Major problem with "hp dvd740i" actually lg drive?!?

i bought an “hp dvd 740i” the other day. apparently, from what i’v read here in these foums, it is actually an LG drive. either way i haven’t had any luck with either of the two i’ve had so far. i bought the first one and installed it and it just wouldn’t read any discs. it would just sit there and spin for a LONG time then eventaully it just stops-the light goes off. and somewhere along the way, while it was taking forever to do… whatever it did, my computer locked up. COMPLETELY! i tried it as a master, slave, and as a single. nothting made any difference. so i returned the first one thinking it was defective. i brought home the second one and it does the same exact thing!! oh yeah, i almost forgot - one time when i had to reset the computer the “hp dvd” had my windows xp disc in it. and it read that and prompted to boot from the cd!! :confused:

hey i just thoght i should let you all know that i got my problem figured out: once i switched my dvd burners around .my new hp dvd740i wouldn’t work as the primary master but it does work fine as the secondary master!
Thanks so much for alll your help {sarcasm}

One thing about ‘HP’ drives most like of them like to be set as cable select and not jumpered…

Also the troubles with your ROM-DRIVE not working as the Primary Master that would have to be a mainboard trouble than a drive trouble… as most mainboard expect a harddrive to be connected there and not a ROM drive.