Major price difference for Nero between Europe and US

Got me a nice Nero Online Upgrade shortcut after a Nero 7 update and used it to find out about the upgrade price to V9.
Brought me to this page:

35% off,only 49.99 US dollar…about 36 euros…a bargain!!!:bow:
Had to use the dropdown box to change country,because mine wasn’t listed…upgrade page refreshed,and all of a sudden there was this:

20% off,55.99 euros…about 78us dollars…:a :a .not a bargain anymore…a price difference of more than 50%
What a rip-off…:a

I’m reviving this old topic because Ahead finally seems to have changed their upgrade policy drastically for european customers…:bigsmile:
Now we can get it for a fair price too…:bow:
But what I find strange on that upgrade page,is that you don’t have to provide your bought serial from the older version anymore…so basicly,it looks like anyone can get the Nero 12 Platinum upgrade for 49.95 €,instead of the 69.95 € upgrade price for upgrading from the DEMO version…:confused:

I wonder if we can blame/credit Paul with this? Oh sure - why not?!!