Major Nero annoyance; any ideas?

Can someone please help? Not with a malfunction, but with something that I believe could be bypassed, but I don’t know how.

I’ve created Data DVD layouts, containing many, many files. When I add the files, Nero analyzes each file, which takes some time; this doesn’t bother me much. But if I want to burn another copy of the disc later, when I open the layout again, Nero wants to analyze each and every file again, estimating in one such instance, about 18 minutes to do so!

I understand if it wants to analyze each file the first time, and I understand that when opening the layout again, it’s checking to make sure nothing is missing since the layout was last burned; but I don’t see why it should take that long to do it. And I don’t want to wait 18 minutes just to open the layout! I could have the disc burned again, fix a sandwich, eat said sandwich, and be ten miles down the road in 18 minutes! 18 minutes just to make sure all the files are still there, when I already know that they are, is ridiculous!

So, I’ve looked around to see if there’s an option to turn off this feature, but if it’s there, I can’t find it. Does anybody know of a way to skip this? If I hit cancel during this “Refresh”, it just stops putting the files into the layout. So, I don’t know what to do.

Again, I know this isn’t a malfunction or anything, but it’s annoying me like the devil! Until recently I’ve been using Roxio, and had no trouble, but thought about giving Nero a try. I warmed up to Nero and really like it. I’ve pretty much completely switched over; BUT this one thing is keeping me from being a total convert.

Can someone please help? And thanks for listening to my rant. :slight_smile:


PS, Roxio has what I think is a better way of handling this re-check of items: It has a “Validate Project” option in the “File” menu. And if you use it, it takes mere seconds. Maybe Nero’s doing a much better check, but what can it be doing that takes 18 minutes? And if you know for a fact that the files haven’t been changed at all, then why should you be forced to wait for Nero to find that out for itself?!! argghhh!
It’s drivin’ me nuts. :disagree: :iagree: :disagree: :iagree: :disagree: :iagree: :disagree: :iagree:
help. please help.

Hi ColdZro
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What you could do is once you have your compilation complete, you could burn the file with the “image recorder” and create a .ISO file on the harddrive. Once you have done this you can simply burn the .ISO file to disc without waiting for the files to be examined.

Thanks, Dee-27. That’s a good idea. I wanted to try it out before writing back, but I haven’t had a chance yet – been busy. But I wanted to let you know I appreciate the help very much. I will try it, and I’ll write back with the results.

Thanks again, for the help and the kind welcome.

And by the way, what is that quote from? “We came to wreck everything…” It sounds familiar, or like something that should be familiar. For some reason I’m thinking of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It just has the sound of something from somewhere in that series. It sounds interesting, at any rate. :slight_smile:

the quote is from romper stomper i believe :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, I just took a second to do a search on it, and found that it is, in fact, from [I]Romper Stomper[/I]. But before I could get back and edit my post, you’d already given the answer. haha. Excellent work. :clap: But man, was I way off with my guess of [U]Hitchhiker’s Guide[/U]!! lol. Still, it’s a pretty clever quote, which I think could almost fit that book, if you read it with a kind of comedy mindset. :smiley: