Major LiteOn SOHW-1653S Problems!



I bought a LiteOn SOHW-1653S Dual Layer 16x DVD±RW ReWriter several days ago and have been having a few problems with it. I have been trying to record some divx files that i encoded from some of my bought dvd’s.

Firstly after connecting the drice to my computer i had problems installing the Nero software that came with the drive. Windows event viewer reported the ide port not responding within the timeout period and errors on the cdrom during paging operations with the source being atapi. I eventually managed to install nero and thought that i would have no more problems. However, when i started to burn dvd’s i encountered more problems. On more than half of the dvd’s that i have attempted to burn, nero returns a number of different errors. One of them said that the disk in the drive was illegal. This surprised me as i have been using DVD-R’s which are meant to be supported by the drive. Another error stateted

#28 CDR -1176 FileThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1701
Session fixation error

What does all this mean???

If this was not bad enough i have also had problems with dvd’s that i have burnt which haven’t returned error messages during the burning process.
Windows event viewer has reported “The device, \Device\cdRom0, has a bad block” and errors detected ont he device dring paging operations.

Anyone got any ideas what is going on? Is it likely to be a hardware or software problem?

Thanks for any help u can offer me


I had some problems with burning and I found that is because DVD43 was running. If you have some DVD decryption programs running try to close them and then burn the disc.