Major legal battle Tuesday: Silicon Valley vs Hollywood



I just posted the article Major legal battle Tuesday: Silicon Valley vs Hollywood.

 We need  to keep an eye on this one folks. Tuesday we will begin the debate between  innovation and Hollywood's rights. This is without a doubt a most important case  that will set the tone for...
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i say it for a long time now: we live in dark very dark times :I


I hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision (yeah, riiight). Who would decide if the “technologies’ primary use’ is legitimate” or not? Hollywood? By the same reasoning crowbar makers should be sued because crowbars can be used to break into homes. It all depends on a point of view.


ok, say this does happen and then only the movie companies design and make the hardware that we use for watching their movies, and for the sake of arguement, lets say it sucks… what happens then? they start to sue us for not buying their garbage because they have killed off all of our hardware that has become the basis of the technological revolution that has brought us to today? oh well, guess ill drink to a simpler time w/out technology and move back to reading books and go back to the days of Gutenberg.


If this does pass, hello lawsuits against gun manufacturers :d. They have a legitmate use yes, but if it is used in an illegitimate way, ie murder, then who is at fault? Obviously with this way of thinking smith and wesson or whoever made teh gun that was used to commit the crime. Yet another great way of the American Coprorations perverting their government. Think of all the implications that this will ensue.


think i will get the amiga back out of the loft it was fun back then


Don’t forget the copy machine ie. xerox etc. I doubt this will go very far. This is getting out of control


And remember folks this will only affect America and American companies. The likes of Sony, Toshiba, Plexor etc, etc won’t stop developing these products as they sell a lot more in Europe and the far east (Japan in perticular) then the US alone. All it will mean is that US customers might have to mail order some items apart from going down the shops to buy them.


God damn can’t we all just get along? Would that really be so hard?


Unfortunately its not only Americans affected by this. The Australian government (Little Johnny Brown Tongue) sold our rights for an FTA with the good ol’ US of A. :r


I hope this law does go through because it’ll be fun hearing about the lawsuits. You know lawyers will sue everyone and everything. People who have cameras and tape recorders will get sued. Walmart will get sued for selling those items. Pencils and papers are licensed because of their duplicating properties. Imagine the hilarity.


Nothing remotely hilarious about this, this is what happens when a minority accquires to much power…AND the result of apathy by those who may have prevented it…:X


If the case goes against Grockster, theoretically, any search engine (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) could be sued because they make it possible to find copyrighted material, cracks for programs etc. The same goes for newsgroups search engines. There really is no end to how far this law can be stretched. Hopefully the court will understand the impact of such a decision. And then there is the international issue. In addition,although most films are made in the US, or by US studios, they are distributed all over the world. The copyright laws are different in other countries, some more lax then others, but are essentially similar at the present. “Fair use” is just defined differently in different places. A ruling here could change this global status-quo, and put the US at a principal dispute with the rest of the world over what’s considered copyright infringement.


Well we could look at it this way. If it does go the right way, the rest of the world will just piss on the US and their draconian laws and forget about tdealing with them because of all the crap they would ahve to go through. Hopefully that will be a wake up call for your corrupt government.


in my opinion, anything (law or otherwise) that stifles innovation is a bad thing. i hope that the judges realise that this has far reaching implications than mere file sharing and the like. but putting my faith in a bunch of judges and lawyers, does not sit pretty with me…


Google has already been sued for copyright violation…and lost :slight_smile:


The writer of this article has taken the entire issue out of perspective. Intel being sued for creating a cpu chip? Sorry, that isn’t even close to where this is headed. But yes, I do get the point. Its just the intel thing sounded dumb to me.


Guess it depends on how many judges hollywood has in their pocket$.


Actually the writer of the article did not say that. It was Donald M. Whiteside. "Donald M. Whiteside, Intel’s director of technology policy, worries that other companies could be sued for enabling copyright infringement through file-sharing services. "We know that everyone who’s a peer-to-peer user is using a PC,’’ said Whiteside. "Sixty million people aren’t accessing it through teleportation. That’s what really brings this home for us.’’ I agree it sounds dumb. But, It isn’t dumb at all it is possible. That’s why this case is so important. It has far reaching implications.


I can’t believe the nonsense that the MPAA tries to turn into a law.:r WWW.EFF.ORG