Major Issue with new release

I have 2 Sony burners on my pc, and I always read 2 discs at once, burn one at a time because it saves time.

After installing the new update, when I try to read a disc that’s already compressed (transcoder off), it is not reading the entire disc. Normally it takes 7-9 minutes, now it takes 2. When I checked the result, all I had was the menu and previews. That’s it. Right now, I’m having to use other means.

Are you using or had a bug which could cause this.

I mentioned in my post. What I may try to do is uninstall everything and reinstall with the firewall disabled. I still have my serial info files saved on an ext hd, so it’s no problem. I’ve noticed sometimes downloads will corrupt when d/l with the firewall up. I’ll reply with what I discover.

You did, but maybe you still have running without knowing. I thought it might be a good idea to verify the version. Nevermind.

It’s cool. I figured it must have been a corrupted d/l because of my firewall, so I uninstalled/redownloaded with it off. Everything works normally now.