Major DVR-107D problems

Good day, need your help? got a DVR-107D dvdrw device. thing is every time i put in a blank dvd-r to write on the listing of the device changes from a dvd-rw to a cd-rw. also the firmware available from the pioneer website, ‘R107D_FW122.exe’, doesn’t work either cause it keeps giving the error message that the ‘F/W isn’t correct for this update’. Does it have anything to do with me uninstalling ‘ALL PLAYER’? Also, can anyone tell me if where i can get the .INI file for this hardware online and should i install it to fix the issue?

Please advice… I’m dying here… :sad:

If you put a blank DVD in a drive, it is normal that my computer shows cd drive. it’s a windows bug.

Did you read all the instructions here:

and especially:
“It is recommended the target drive is the only drive connected when updating.

This firmware utility is not proper for updating OEM drive.
For users of OEM drive, please contact each PC maker for assistance when updating.”