Major downtime 12th of April 2006

Today we did a schedulded move of our servers. We have recently decided to use a new server setup that should make our setup more reliable and scalable.

Our new server setup is a cluster with load balanced webservers and a mixed fail-over database server which has been setup by Virtual Concepts now hosted at TransIP in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

The move itself succeeded but unfortunately there were several incidents that have caused some serious downtime today. The guys are working hard to keep the servers up, increase performance and fix any unexpected behaviour which can be reported in the Bug Forum.

Currently it is work in progress causing slow loading times and other layout issues however we expect that these will be fixed the coming hours.

We are sorry for the incovenience but hope by this move to minimize downtime in the future.

Nice to see you back up! :iagree:

Is the migration activity complete? I’m getting mixed results. Very fast most of the time but times out in between (needs 2 or 3 refreshes). No problems with the layout or for logging in.

Btw, kudos for undertaking this activity! Care to share some of the cluster details? Which hardware? What OS? How is the load balancing setup done? Would love to know if it’s declassified information :wink:

I think we will release some more information on that for the fun of it :wink:

If I’m correct it should be pretty stable and fast right now.

Yes, but attachments are not shown in the posts. :frowning:

Oh yes, definitely much better! When will the attachment issue be solved? Currently I’m being denied the right to upload attachments. TIA.

You [B]may[/B] post new threads
You [B]may[/B] post replies
You [B]may not[/B] post attachments
You [B]may[/B] edit your posts

Very fast, and I’m glad the login thing was fixed, too :clap: :slight_smile:

Hehe, I just noticed the attachment thing :eek:

My attachment button started working about an hour ago. Edit: IT won’t work now but about an hour ago I did see attachments now I can’t.

Hmm… Only the [B][I]CD Freaks Forum Talk[/I][/B] section seems to be denying attachment rights. It’s enabled for all the other sections/sub-sections. Is this on purpose?

Not disabled, but there is an error when uploading it.

It will be on the list to fix…sorry for the inconvenience, but keep those bug reports coming.