Major data dvd writing/reading issues

try to make this somewhat quick i use nero oem and updated to recently nero 7 ive made bout 20 data dvd’s not movies but backups zips rars rm wmv wedding clips mp3’s ect ,backed up files .well i recently found out that i can only can view the files in my pioneer dvd drive other drives ive tried i cant read anything it reads that there is a disk but you cant see anything on that disk …it burned them all in RAW format why i dont know you would think the default would be to a universal format so is there an option so i can change it to cdfs or something like that or some universal data dvd format so i can rebackup the T.Byte of disks all over again and be able to use on other dvd drives? :doh: ive gone to a few other forums/sites and nobody has givin me any answers hopefuly this is the forum to post for answers :bigsmile:

i am using nero 6 ultra and had the same quirk appear with a couple of data dvd
s i burned. my friends computer read the folders as empty. i burned on the pioneer and was able to read the dvd with my plextor, but i am curious to know if it is a nero issue!

i don’t know about nero 7, i have nero 6 ultra. when you burn a data disc, you are merely transferring the data onto the disc. you are not encoding it. the raw files you burned are the unprocessed images from you digital camera. you need a software program for editing that will put these files into the correct format. i know more about video codecs than i do pictures. i do know that in order to play these discs on your dvd player, you need to check if it has the ability to play slide shows. i know that mp3 (music Codecs) are becoming a standard. most dvd players will play movies and mp3 files. once you find out if your player plays the slide shows, then determine what format (probably jpeg) and do some research online for photo editing software. i know that adobe has the best reputation.

i found the issues was i was not clicking on the the DATA nero burning rom option instead i was using the nero start smart option , wich problably burns a data ram instead of a data rom. in the nero burning rom option you have more property settings to get the data disk readable by most players unlike the start smart option . wich is kinda ironic because if you start there and burn a data dvd from the start smart option and try to use on another persons dvd drive you kinda look stupid because your disk doesnt play… but thanks for ya help