Major computer resetting problem



I am not sure if this is a hardware problem, or a virus, my scanner (ez antivirus, fully updated) doesnt seem to detect it. It resets seemingly randomly, during games, while doing homework,installing things. Apart from one thing, i ALWAYS resets while installing alcohol 120% (which is prooving to be a major problem) This is really getting on my nerves! what can i do?


Start by setting Windows to BSOD instead of shutting down. Then at least you know if it’s software or hardware and maybe get a hint from the BSOD…

System Properties - Advanced tab - Startup and recovery - deselect reboot

If you have any virtual drives running, disable them. Also remove any packet writing proggies like InCD. These 2 things are based on your problem installing Alcohol, which also installs a virtual drive.


If you have another power supply available, try that…I had alot of problems similar to that on my friends system, tried everything, did’nt help. Finally, I replaced their power supply and everything worked fine.

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I did what you said with this BSOD thingy, i started installing Alcohol 120% and it said there is a problem with SCSPORT.SYS. Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area, dont know what that means. Also is says Disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing.

Is a virtual drive part of a “split” harddrive? cos i got one of them (and dont know how to disable it)

I am not that technically great with computers, so any extra details are appreciated.


I think you meant SCSIPORT.SYS. This is a Windows driver. There are a number of knowledge base articles on errors like yours. Here’s one .

At least you know this is not a hardware problem. If you are not running the most current service pack, suggest you update first. Spend some time reading the KB articles before applying any hotfix.


Here’s another one
(installing Alcohol adds the virtual drive, which is essentially a SCSI driver)


IT reset again while i was playing a game waiting for a reply, said IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL


Oh ,and im on XP service pack two, if thats any help


Could you link me to the hotfix please? I’m having trouble getting it.


I resolved the SCSIPORT.SYS probelm by temporarily disabling caching and installed alchol 120% sucsussfully, but the computer still resets randomly sometimes with the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem. I apologise for posing so much.


Ofcourse i meant posting not posing :o


Suggest you download Memtest86, unpack it to a floppy, boot to the floppy and let it run for 6-8 hours. If it shows any errors at all, then your RAM is suspect.


Thank you, i’ll try that.



I have had identical problems to yours on 3 seperate systems and always related to installing a virtual drive. It doesn’t seem to matter which virtual drive I have tried to install - alcohol, daemon tools etc. the same thing happens. Unfortunately, I have never been able to track down the cause and as a result, I no longer install any virtual drives. I use Windows XP Pro, NTFS file system, Geforce graphics, AMD Athlon XP, and even on a fresh install, the problem manifests itself before installing anything worse than MS Office 2003.


Alcohol and Daemon tools use the same Virtual drive driver. There’s a newer version of Daemon out that fixes some issues, the next version of Alcohol will also include that.


I managed to get alcohol installed by disablign caching temporarily. I found that this isnt the same thing thats causing my computer to reset. The virtual drive problem has now stopped, that was only when installing alcohol 120%, and gave a different error to when it reset randomly. I’ll try the boot disk tonight.


Since you’re getting a stop error, it’s likely to not be an issue like an overheating CPU or bad PSU. RAM can do this, and a variety of other things related to Windows. A bad hard drive can also do it, especially if you hear a click or clack when the system stops.

Memtest86 will rule out any RAM problems, but it does need to run for 6-8 hours to be sure. If it is RAM, it might show up pretty quick, so if any errors are shown, you can stop the test and start talking to your RAM.


It reset agian, with the message SRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

it said there was a problem with adm8820.sys

Also i did memtest for 15 hours, it found no errors.


This may be your best clue yet.


This is a very old audio device driver that is no longer part of Windows. Where did you get it?



I dont know where i got it, i didnt install it perposly or anything.