Major bust in the Netherlands for a value of 1.5 billion

I just posted the article Major bust in the Netherlands for a value of 1.5 billion.

For the English visitors a short summary of the case.
A major bust was done by the Dutch authorities, a guy (LAMAR REED) they were looking for since a year of 2 got busted.

Due the high…

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I already saw this artical when I read “Het belang van Limburg” (local newspaper) this afternoon. I was VERY excited, because… I actually LIVE in Tongeren, where this auction will take place! :7 I hope I have time to go there and have a look. I need a 17" monitor, perhaps I can pick up one there :slight_smile: I’m really glad now.

is it this saturday ? (21/4/01)

Why arrest him? Give him a medal! Companies were too stupid to check before they send the goods overseas… :d

Damn, it’s a little too far from here. Maybe a friend can go and take a look for me. And perhaps he can buy something too …