Major bust in Denmark



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Today 5 people of the former Akira and Frozen teams were arrested in Danmark, about 900.000 CD’s were taken, . The police claimed that 18 ton of CD’s were…

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don’t say i didn’t warn you… :wink:


When you say Frozen do you guys mean phrozen crew?


No, Frozen as in FROZEN! =)
Or Akira, if that name sounds more familiar to you


Actually it was 13 ton that had been imported which translates into roughly 900.000 CDs. They did not confiscate 900.000 discs!

The CDs had been legally imported through danish customs and all, which made it pretty easy for the cops to find out how much they imported and to whom and possibly soon where they were made.


Be Afraid…
Very afraid


Sorry, my mistake, Zwitex are right, it was about 13 ton and calculated it’s about 900.000 cd’s, they have produced in 1999, NO CD’s was taken!


cool! if no cds were taken would they have a case? how STUPID are you guys ???
OFCOURSE there was taken cd’s , burnertowers, cdr’s, pressed cd’s etc. etc. all in all there was taken around 2000 sets of either Blade, Akira or Frozen.


The danish news claims that the police stopped the arrested people transporting the cds at the highway near “Ké¸ge”. They were transported from poland.


The danish news claims that the police stopped the arrested people transporting the cds at the highway near “Ké¸ge”. They were transported from poland.


Yep, the police stopped a guy with a buttload of Akira CDs (Vol. 6) and stuff, but this was back in october or november last year… Abot the same the German police caught the guy picking up Akira CDs at Frankfurt airport :slight_smile:



HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA! god DAMNIT you guys are stupid… if the akira 6 sets were imported TO denmark wouldnt they first have to pack them??? or do you fuckhead think they wrap them at the factory AHAHHAHAH… lets guess wild here. it was akira 5… god DAMNIT hope not you have ANY influence on the new silvercds coming soon, because then it will be “Nutcase” sets… jeeeeesus!



I did NOT say that they didn’t take ANY discs, just that it wasn’t 900.000! Also did I NOT say, that the Akira CDs were packed, but maybe they were, I don’t know. My guess is that it was Vol. 6, as I received my Vol. 5 sets several weeks before that incident.

And YES, you can rest assured that I have NO influence on the new silver CDs.

Oh, almost forgot… If you want people to take your inputs serious, watch you (abusive) language!


hahaha kaine … damn, you have a way to put things! Great ! hehe … “Nutcase set” hehe … just cracks me up dude… just all i wanted to say … take care now, bye bye then …


CDs catched in germany were akira vol6 without packaging.

9000 sets total


billy1020: duh! you dhing so?


A german named Bastian was first taped as he unloaded 9000 sets of Akira Vol. 6 (unpackaged) at Frankfurt airport, then the police followed him to his parent’s house where he was packaging them for further shipment to Denmark. And yes, when the cd’s enter Denmark they were packaged. Period.



you tell us that Akira6 was packed twice, this makes it the best packed sets in the world :smiley: HAHAHAHAH… and before that you tell us that he UNLOADED 9000 sets in Frankfurt airport!! cool! first of all it was Dé¼sseldorf, secondly he was LOADING them … not UNLOADING them, how many customers do you think will pick up their sets at the airport? dumbass!




rPr sucks… he dosen’t know shit… but he pretty much claims to know EVERYTHING about the warez cd’s around europe…

I can only say one thing, and one thing only: