Major burning issues- realplayer, disc won't eject, win med play slow!

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New to this forum- not a total idiot with computers but not super-tech either. I am getting very desperate!! I am running windows xp, I have a practically new A/open dvd/cd burner that worked fine for the first couple months. I have used it with win. media player, realplayer and nero successfully.

All of a sudden a couple weeks ago I noticed that win media was running really slow- took like an hour to burn a cd. Then next time I went to use realplayer it got hung up on the first song during transfer and wouldn’t budge. I tried over and over- either it would hang at 23%-32% of the first song and never stop, or occasionally sooner than that when it just says pending, or I’d get the error message that maybe my disc is dirty or I need to use a lower speed. Since then I have spent 25-30 hours trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with it. ‘Coincidentally’ when I initially tried system restore it would not work no matter what date I chose (for the first time ever) so I had to turn off restore to clear all the old restore points- after that I did successfully restore, but to no avail. I have also disk cleaned, defragged, done a partial reinstall as well as a clean install of realplayer, uninstalled Nero because someone said that might be interfering (I will be reinstalling it). I have used 3 different brands of discs, I have slowed the speed to 16x, 12x, and 8x (my burner is a 48X). I have meanwhile succeeded again in using win media, although I did get a few error messages, but eventually it worked although slowly.

The other very frustrating issue is that when a burn fails in realplayer, oftentimes the CD will NOT eject no matter what I do, unless I restart the computer! Well, of course I can stick a pin in it to force it open but I prefer not to do that too much. And anyway, even if I can get it to eject (or sometimes even if it does not I am able to switch to another program to burn with) I had noticed long before all these other issues cropped up that if a burn fails in realplayer or you cancel the burn then the program will not successfully burn another disc until you have rebooted the system- I can live with this if that’s the way the program is, although it’s a bummer, but certainly not when EVERY burn is failing and I have to reboot every 10 minutes!

My computer says that my cd burner and sound card are working properly. I do not know what else to do but I realy need to fix this as I’m a bellydancer and need my burner to make mixes for shows several days a week- help!!

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Check your DMA settings on your IDE’s.

Okay- then what? I’m not sure what it should be set at–I looked and it says…

primary ide is set ‘Device 0’ dma if available- current transfer mode ‘Ultra dma mode 5’,
on ‘Device 1’, Automatic detection…also dma if available, current transfer mode, not applicable

The secondary ide is set to dma if available on Device 0, current transfer mode: ultra dma mode 4
and on device 1 it’s at dma if available, current transfer mode: ultra dma mode 2

Both claim to be woking properly-- there is also the VIA Bus master ide controller, location PCI bus 0, device 17, function 1 does not say anything about DMA.

Thanx for the reply!!

I have been a belly dance fan for years now… Anyway, follow this link: for instructions on how to post a nero log file which will hopefully give more information to work with. Make sure that you copy the log file into WORD, and remove your serial number before posting the information here.

Oops- didn’t know you had responded again- and network outage prevented internet connection for last couple days (more problems with computers!!) Today I contacted Realplayer, they suggested installing the aspi layer driver which when I checked for updates apparently it needed- BUT STILL NO LUCK!! Rebooted as required- tried to burn 2 discs at 12x then 4X speed, got a new message with the 4x-- “Try to use a slower speed!”

Meanwhile, earlier today I had successfully burned 6 full cd’s in windows media player (did get a couple dirty disc messages but then reclicked burn and it did). So still don’t think it’s my driver though I’ve been tempted to yank it out and throw it in the pool. I’ll see if I can successfully post the info you requested by tomorrow- Thanx!

Quick question…- if I uninstalled Nero (I’m gonna re-install it right now) will the log give old info- I just tried to search for the file and I guess it doesn’t currently exist but at this moment Nero isn’t on the computer- it’s Realplayer that’s been the problem but I uninstalled Nero because someone on some site had said it might be somehow interfering.


Have you checked for an available firmware update? What model # is your drive?

It’s an A/Open DUW1616/ARR

I just reinstalled Nero and something weird happened-- even though I had gone through the whole uninstall process, when I re-installed it the skin I had it set to previously was automatically used- and then a song I had played on it before was still in the player- so apparently it did not fully uninstall, or a least saved some preference files somewhere- so I just used it to burn a Cd- disc to disc- and it took a few minutes to ‘create the image for burning’, then burned the copy successfully at 48X speed! However, I did get a message that stated buffer underrun was avoided 2 times. Whatever the case, it still seems Realplayer is the only program not functioning and I need it. What could be causing these buffer underruns, even when I attempt to use a much slower speed, when another program succeeds at full speed? I wonder if although I uninstalled Realplayer and reinstalled (and I know it uninstalled because I had to reload my entire library) maybe like the Nero some file was saved and maybe it’s damaged?

There are a couple of firmware updates available for that drive that state that they fix CD writing quality.

Go here for firmware updates

Select your info (DVD rewriter, DUW1616/ARR, and firmware) in each drop down menu and there are 3 updates available. All you should need is the one dated 11/12/05.

Try running Spybot search and destroy

And adaware

and make sure your antivirus is up to date and do a scan with it.


JHTalisman- you are one little smartie-pants. I cannot believe I just recorded a two whole CD’s with Realplayer for the first time in 3 weeks!!! I did one at 12x speed, then got brave and chose fastest speed- and there it went at 48x without a hitch. Why on earth didn’t anyone tell me this before- like the people on the Realplayer forum for instance. :a I can’t believe the amount of time I spent trying to fix this and it was such a stupid-simple solution.

YEY! Thank you- thank you very much! :bigsmile: Now I can actually rehearse instead of spending all day every day worrying about how I’m going to prepare my music.


And thank you to the rest of you that assisted as well- there are so many little things can cause these problems, every bit of advice can be the key to really helping someone.

You are welcome. That’s why alot of people are here. We actually like to help people figure out their problems rather than let them get so frustrated with their PC that they want to throw it out the window.

Hi, Me again!! So far pretty good with the Realplayer working- one error but several completed discs so hopefully that was a fluke. I’m noticing something else though- ripping music into the computer seems AWFULLY slow- whether I use real or win media play- right now in WMP it has taken about 15 minutes to rip 5 ‘2 minute’ long songs- didn’t used to be this way- any ideas??