Major BackItUp difficulties

I have a recovered set of image files from BackItUp. I have a load of .nco files and the .nbi file too. Though when I load the .nbi in backitup it has no contents and says the backup is zero size.

if i double click on the .nco files a couple of them managed to decompress, but the majority won’t.

Is it at all possible to get my data back, either using the .nbi or the .nco files individually?

Any help or thoughts are very welcome.


PS the files were undeleted and i think i have all of the fiels that were there but i am not 100% sure, also does the name/location of the .nbi matter as it may have been changed.

I also bached up using Nero 6 and couldn’t retreive info
Nero wouldn’t help.
I finally downloaded “winzip” right clicked on “Open With” then clicked on Winzip and followed it through, messy but I got my info back.
Not bad for an old wrinkley.