Maintaining the BenQ/Philips FAQ... contributions, suggestions, comments, etc

Make it sticky, please!

Something for the faq:

Another item for the FAQ is the use of firmware B7L9 to fix a bad flash and reset the drive.

It’s still a very rought draft. A lot of information is incomplete, there is still a lot to be added, and there are probably a number of corrections needed, too… so I’m leaving it unstuck for now…

The 80 wire cable that is included with a warning note on paper (says to use that cable) with retail drives.
However, no such help is included with generics. Some rebadges include the cheapest 40 wire cable possible. An I/O Magic customer reported problems that were solved by replacing the (new) I/O Magic 40 wire cable with the 80 wire ribbon cable recommended by BenQ.

So, I tried mine on an ordinary 40 wire cable to see if this was folklore.
40 wire cable= intermittent quirkyness, intermittent errors with Nero, reduced performance, increased % of intermittent coasters.
Returned it to the retail cable and the troubles dissappeared as if by magic. So it’s not folklore. However the necessity of this better cable seems to be motherboard chipset-inspired, and thus, the variance may not be experienced by all users.

Interesting, my retail Philips DVDR1620K/00 package didn’t include any cable at all (they’re sure cutting down on their extras). It’s been fine so far on my K7S5a, but I haven’t done a lot of burning lately.

Sounds like this could be the cause of a lot of problems posted here - this should definitely be in the FAQ as something to try.

Add I/O Magic with 2.4x DL specification on outside of box (NOT 4x DL specification, which is BTC) to list of rebadges…they are VERY popular on this board!

Cool, thanks for the clarification of which is which. I didn’t add the I/O Magic because of the thing about some of them being BTC. :slight_smile:

Sorry, been busy lately, so I haven’t gotten around to incorporating a lot of things into the draft yet. :o

I have heard from people who have experienced performance issues with the HP (a BenQ code) and Dell (a Philips code) commissioned made-by-BenQ products after flashing these to BenQ retail firmware.
I have read that there is less overspeed permitted on these drives, so that the matching firmware contains fine tuning that is not exactly the same as the BenQ retail firmware.
So, is there some difference in hardware, or do they decrease overspeed to cut tech support costs for HP and Dell?
Curious. Hardware difference? Advising to cross flash possibly a mistake?
Anyway, if we had an answer to this (model specific issue), it could go on the FAQ.

Be fair and buy a new drive, if you destroy your drive due to failed cross-flashing.

good workkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Those “end of sense” errors that drive new BenQ customers to the end of their wits.
These are caused by testing or using a newly-written disc at the original full size of 4.7 gigabytes, and reading past the point where the newly written information stops (right onto the still-blank area).
Of course after the disc is ejected and re-loaded it will then report the correct size.

Please add information on how to properly scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed v3.61 and the download link at Also please include determining a bad scan from a good scan. If I see one more, “Is this scan good?” thread with a 98% quality score scan… grumble

So how’s this coming along. Can we get a work-in-progress version/sticky up?

benq ppl are surprised with this…they tok about it…and felt its great work…nice job …code65536

One extra item that could be added in the Media section is that there is no support for 1x DVD-RW media as people think their is something wrong with the drive when it doesnt detect the discs.

And the red LED activating when ejecting a DVD+ disc (it looks like it’s writing to the disc) is normal at least thats what BenQ said they never explained that one if I recall.

I think it’s writing the booktype setting to the disc. I read it somewhere and since it only does it on +R and +RW but not on -R, this would tend to support the theory.

FAQ is always a good idea and a good FAQ is invaluable. The draft looks very good already. Great job code65536, beats me how you find the time and energy :cool:

Whatever drive is doing after pushing the eject button is definitely nothing “useful”. At least it’s not writing the booktype setting to the disc.

This BenQ 1620 behaviour was already brought up to discussion some months ago. At that time I also did some tests. This is what i did then and even repeated the same procedure this evening.

  • Burned the disc (with Nero Create Data Disc and with DVD Decrypter.)
  • Killed windoze with reset switch. Windoze reboots.
  • Removed the newly burned disc by pushing eject button, before windoze started to load. (But after a few green blinks on drive, ie. drive boot sequence.)
  • Checked the “none-finalized” disc with Nero CD/DVD Speed and DVDInfo for function and booktype setting.

Booktype setting is there and the disc plays as normal.

In my opinion, drive, if writing anything at all, is doing something complete different. Most probably “writing” some (additional) burn-session information to the disc.

Thanks pinto2. That was a clever way to test the theory. :slight_smile: