Maintaining Chapters

Now that I’ve solved my drive issues I’m happily burning without problems. I’m using DVD shrimk for the most of it and it’s working great. One of the things that I’ve noticed however is that I can fast forward and so forth but not skip to different chapters in the movie. Not a big issue but it’s handy when you want to pick up from where you left off viewing a movie.

Any way to retain the chapter list of the original DVDs without copying the entire DVD onto multiple disks?

Any way to create chapters for jumping to different sections of a home video?


I’ve used shrink for some time and I’ve never lost chapter points before. Was the disk made from a DVD or an AVI that was converted?

It was a DVD, I’m using the re-author option and just copying the main video and audio file. But I’d also like to create my own chapters if possible when burning home videos.


I do that myself when the main movie is rather large. I still have the ability to skip forward and back chapters using the remote though.

There are several DVD authoring tools that will allow you to create your own menu’s (including chapter selection menu’s) mentioned on this site. TMPGENC dvd author is one that I have used before also one from Ulead (the name of which evades me here at work).