Maintainance Tips for my LG GSA-H10N

My LG GSA-H10N (JJ11) has been burning a couple of DVD’s and CD-R with no fails at all… I really stick to slow speed writing…

Anyways… what are your suggestions in maintaining an GSA-H10N burner… i.e. avoiding to write on dirty or damage? Should i trust on a cheap Lens Cleaner?.. there are so many questions out there about maintaining a burner… Your replies would be great… Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, just make sure the discs you put in there aren’t covered with dust or lint and give it a good washing with clr and oxyclean every two weeks, or better yet put it in the washing machine with other dirty laundry every couple of weeks. lol. dude, this is a 30 dollar burner, just get a spare, if you like it so much, in case it dies on you. lol.

There has been some evidence that lens cleaners may actually end up knocking a lens out of alignment. I’m not sure how much truth there is to that but the worst reports are that it kills a drive. So I’d say lay off the lens cleaner unless you really need to use it. I usually only recommend using that as a near last resort (i.e. if the drive doesn’t work and that might be the only thing that can fix it).

LOL, SU … with other dirty laundry. Just stay away from a landlords dryer :slight_smile:
I can only add turtle waxing and polishing of the faceplate.

Seriously, and only if it doesnt work, take it apart and clean the lens with vodka or any other clear alcohol.

i have burned literally thousands of cds and dvds with that same model and have never cleaned it…and it´s still going

alexgo70… and have you ever verified your burned DVDs?:a