Mainpage not displaying correctly?

Hi All,
I was wondering if I was the only one that was getting a stuffed up mainpage ( using Firefox. I have been getting all sorts of bits missing from the page for a while now, So am I the only one? Here’s what I mean.


Mainpage works fine here. Looks like some mime files like Images or Javascript could not be loaded from your PC. Try reloading the page and if this doesn’t help clear your browser cache and try again.

Thanks for response. yeah refresh helped, sometimes though the links don’t work as well they display as just plain text. I just did a bit of testing and it’s only FF that gets the problem.

I see you’re using AdBlock slayer, check if it’s not blocking something it shouldn’t (scripts and files from

nah its not blocking any of that. I noticed though there is no “DOCTYPE” for the mainpage I think without it, it puts FF into quirks mode

Maybe but then why don’t I have the same problem? Using FireFox 1.07 (Dutch) with AdBlock installed.

well mine works again but sometimes it goes to shit again :wink: . I’m using FF1.07 too.

p.s. you no longer visit chat mate?

Note that the CD Freaks mainpage does not show popups for the last month and we do NOT encourage blocking advertisements. We need them to generate revenue and we are strongly against blocking of advertisements.

I figured it was pretty much dead. I’ll check in tomorrow (if I don’t forget that is).

After update to firefox 1.5 i got rendering problem with the main page. am i the only one?