[mainly +R] definitely

3520A broke down, tray won’t come out except poking the hole… would like to get a new burner before this weekend. Been reading a bit and comes down to Pioneer DVR111D or Benq DW1655 / 1640 … of course, there are just too many burners around, so any suggestion are more than welcome. (no liteon please :Z )

I will mainly use it for burning +R except I need that extra 5MB… I will use my crappy liteon to scan and rip. So I guess I just want a burner that is good to use right from the box. I would use it to burn audio-cd too…

if anyone would like to help on fixing my 3520, please drop by http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=187269

thanks :wink:

Overburn will be most welcome too… Looks like Plextor are better supported than Benq in this area!!

Overburning any DVD media is useless except for the geekness…