Maineman, need help again w/Express!

Hey Maineman. Well, I’ve got the FAB Express now, but I can’t backup movies. I insert my movie in the DVD-R drive and the screen will come up and say “F: name of movie” Then it will say that it’s beginning to copy and then it’ll say to insert a blank disc in the DVD-R drive. I do that but now it’ll say that I have to find a movie source and and I click on browse, but it won’t let me click on any other drive. The only things that come up are my desktop and some other files I have? :a I’m totally lost!

See my post #22:

You say DVD-R drive, do you have DVD RW drive because that is what you need to burn.


Actually, I just figured out what I was doing wrong. And I don’t want to say it cause it is VERY silly and I don’t want to embarass myself anymore. heh heh…So thanks anyway for your help. Maineman, nevermind, let’s just say I fooled around with it for a while and finally found what I was doing wrong! :o

So, it was very silly huh? me on this, whatever you did/didn’t do, has been done by us… :doh: Don’t be embarrassed about “confessing” your mistakes, it’s how we all learn. Look at it this way, you caught your own screw-up, didn’t you?.. :wink:

Welcome to the world of burning…this won’t be your last mistake… :bigsmile:

Karie, everyone makes those “silly”, confusing, or whatever you name them mistakes. They can be very frustrating at the time, but that is what this board is for to help us help each other. Sometime that you have time, read some of the older threads where you will find posts by Tom(maineman), Larry, myself, and many others especially right before fengtao’s baby was born and the old dvdidle forum had been crashed we all made some justified expressions of our frustrations but when we learn the reason we all started helping each other. There are no stupid questions just stupid answers. I have the help files converted to PDF and zipped but still too large to attach so anyone who wants a copy can PM me an email address and I will send them. Sometimes having something printed out or in another window to refer to makes a big difference.