Mainboard fit in any cases?

I have a new computer but the case is broken. I have the old computer case and woder if i couls move everything to the old computer case? thanks for helping out! :iagree:

That’s like asking if a Chevy big block will fit in a Honda.

More info on your system(s) is required if you want an answer. But the bottom line is if you’re talking about a retail system like a dell, compaq, etc, then no, you can’t pull out the mobo and put it in another case. ALL retail systems have proprietary mobos which forbids switching.

On the other hand, if you built your own system within the last 7 or 8 years, there’s a good chance the mobo and case are both in the ATX format, then yes, they’re switchable.

But from the look of things, you’re out of luck. You can still try though and hope the mobo tray studs match the mobo holes, the I/O panel match the mobo, and the mobo’s power connector’s compatible w/ the PSU.

Dell Optiplex seris -> NO
–its a different case design specific to that board style

Other Dell’s -> Yes
–but you VOID any warranty you still have

Other brand name boards -> It depends its pot luck
–You still VOID any warranty

Overall, it depends if its ATX or AT and on board size and what case size can take, for example, some cases are menat for micro-atx…etc…

Newer Dell’s are standard ATX formfactor, which means they will fit in any atx case. Watch the power supply though. If you are switching it with the motherboard, thats fine, if not then do a little bit of research. Some Dell’s used a proprietary power plug that looks exactly the same as a standard atx, wired diffrent though. Good luck…