Main page is broke



This is what I get on the main page for the past few hours. FF 14.0.1.


Its working fine for me in the same browser.

Here’s what I see:


Working fine here, too, pretty much exactly the same as Kerry’s screenshot (just on a mobile device at the moment). I recently cleared the cache and can confirm it loaded completely from the MyCE servers.

Does Firefox load from the normal cache in its privacy mode? If not, try that and see how things work; if the page loads, maybe the cached data on your computer for the front page is busted…? :confused: Of course, this could also be the work of gremlins.


I get a page like that sometimes usually refresh takes care of it.


Working fine here too.

Try clearing the cache and refreshing.



Right now it looks fine for me, also in FF 14.0.1.


Enable Javascript for


[QUOTE=chef;2648002]Enable Javascript for…[/QUOTE]

Are you aware of all scripts that are associated [better said “built in”] to MyCE script {aka tracking scripts}.
Don’t think so chef.

BTW CDan, nice page menu… love that. :bigsmile:
Options in FF can do magics.:wink: