Main Movie (Title One, Title Two)



Hello folks,

I’m backing up one of my movies (First Blood) with DVD Shrink, and when I re-author, I see two identically-sized movies under main movie. They appear identical upon preview. What is the difference between these two? Thanks in advance.



Sometimes the second one will have director’s comments in it, and they might not appear at the beginning of the clip, so listen as well as watch. I have seen this also with discs that contain the letterbox, and the widescreen. I have also seen 2 that look identical, and I don’t know the difference, someone here might have more. Hope this helps.


i have seen this many times and have always assumed that it was a form of copy protection – a way to make sure that the movie is larger than a single dvdr. what will really bother you is when you have disks with two identical “titles” of different size…


both Pacman and Sryfly are correct, my copy of Chopper has two films 1 normal film the 2nd has the directors comentary. and a lot of disney films show as two films to try and prevent you from copying it to a single layer dvd although i have found dvd shrink 3.2 isen`t fooled with the disney films.


On a movie of this vintage (First Blood) most likely what you have is a widescreen or letterbox version as title 1 and a p&s or full screen version as title 2. Like the guys above said tho, take a moment and preview what the titles are before you burn.


I suggest you play the original DVD, or at least read the “Special Feature” notes, maybe you find the answer there. I see many versions of First Blood, you need to identify your version.

If not Wide Screen Vs full Screen issues that is easily determined with play playback button in DVD Shrink, the most common answer might be slighly different version i.e. not-rated Vs rated, some extra long scenes, etc. You do not see this is the size of the VOB, it is controlled by the IFO, and normally you set it up from the menues, either Main or Bonus.

Try loading this movie in free program VobBlanker, and see if it finds “reuse cells” chain for the main movie title.