Im trying to backup a film which the main movie is splitted in 7 program chains(PGCs). The first three PGC1, PGC2 and PGC3 are the beginning of the movie whith the scrolling intro text in three different languages. The next three PGC4, PGC5 and PGC6 are the endings with the scrolling text in the different languages.
PGC7 is the middle part of the main movie.
The PGCs I need (my language) is PGC1 - PGC7 - PGC4 (in that order). I have ripped them(PGC1, 7 & 4) one by one with smartripper (rip method: MOVIE) and renumbered the VOB-files as follow:
PGC1: VOB VTS_01_1
PGC7: VOB VTS_01_2…VTS_01_7
PGC4: VOB VTS_01_8
I then runned IFOedit etc etc to get one PGC, everything worked just fine but it doesnt look that it will work just to put the ending in the last VOB(VTS_01_8).
The VOB ID/Cell in VTS_01_1 is 1/1…1/4.
The VOB ID/Cell in VTS_01_2…VTS_01_7 is 7/1…7/12.
The VOB ID/Cell in VTS_01_8 is 4/1.
It now plays: beginning - end - midlle part.
Any solution??


@ tornit,

Suggest you visit the below link that provides some information on how to join multiple episode DVD’s and/or joining double-sided (flipper) DVD’s to one VOB File Set that can be processed by DVD2one.