Main movie in HD

Is it possible in DVDfab HD to rip just the main movie portion to lower the file size? What I would like to do is somehow make the movie small enough to burn onto a DL disc, can anyone tell me if this is possible? If it is can you let me know how to do it. Thanks in advance.

Hi burclaw15
If you plan to burn to a DVD9(DL) you can use Full disc or Main movie, either way all files will fit on the DL disc :smiley:

Ok…When I tried to rip using dvdfab hd the only setting where the type of disc (hd-dvd) was available was for the full movie. the only setting that it would show for main movie was dvd9 and it wouldnt recognize the HD-DVD drive. So when I ripped it using the full movie mode the files totaled 27gigs. I need to get the main movie portion down to around 9 gigs right?

yes, and understand that one you do that it won’t be HD anymore, you’ll have reduced it from HD quality to regular DVD quality.

just under 9 Gb is your limit unless you can get HD blanks and a drive that can write them, & I don’t think they are on the market yet ?