Main Movie dvd not recognized



After I create a Main Movie DVD, I put it back into my PC to play and make sure the dvd was created without and skips, but when i put it back in, my pc does not recognize it. I usually make the copy and then create a mobile movie with the copied version. Any suggestions on settings i should be using to fix this?


Hi Smeeff
Yes I have a suggestion !! one that will save you some money :smiley:
if you are going to convert the movie for a mobile device but want to make sure there is no skipping or problems during playback, just rip to your hard drive and watch it from the folder that DVDFab created then convert from that …thus saving your blank media :bigsmile:

Most of the time skipping a result of poor quality media and/or burning to fast :wink: anyway…so save time and money :cool:

Happy Holiday :flower:


Thanks StormJumper. I will definatly start doing that.

Any suggestions on good media to use?


Verbatim, (widely available), & Taiyo Yuden (TY), (available online).