Main Movie copies only 1 title

DVDfab Gold

I have a DVD that I only want the Main Movie.
It shows 9 titles but I only want Title 1 and Title 2. (both 7 chaps each)
Title 1 has a black dot next to it. (meaning that’s the chap it will copy)
How do I get DVDFab to get both Title 1 AND Title 2?
I tried holding down the shift key, then the ctrl key, then the alt key while clicking chap 2. But DVDFab only lets me select one title.
Please help…

I think you have to use customize and use advanced setup options.

On the choices are “advanced title settings” and “common prefs”.

Advanced title settings has nothing for multiple titles, nor as far as I can tell does Common Prefs.


Mack is right, Main Movie only allows one title, assuming it will be the Main Movie. Customize will allow you to do both titles and give you more options for audio, subtitles and menus (check the No Menus button of you don’t want them). Consider upgrading to the latest release–lots of improvements.