Mailto registery key damaged?

I am trying to Install Internet Exploer 7 beta 2 but It was having probelms. So I looked on the microsft web site and I download this tool and followed the instructions is looks for a Regisrrty Key that has deinied you acces it found one so I tryed to change the permision on it and it would not let me??? I am the computer administrator the mailto key is lockated in the root registry folder.

do you know what the file is called?

There is no file or anything in the registery folder this is the exatct location:
My computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto

I am still having many problems.

Had the same problem when installing IE7. It’s all done now, IE7 is installed and running fine. This is how it was resolved:

First, follow Microsoft’s Troubleshooting guidelines.

Then, look at Method 2 from this website below: