Mailing me or contacting me directly? Information about me!

I reall HATE to make another sticky thread as this forum have anough of those already but I’ll do it anyway:

I’m most active at this forum from monday to friday at daytime (GMT+1).

In the afternoons and weekends I’m often away or working hard on reviews of CD-Writers for CDFreaks and do not give the forum very high priority at this time…

Do NOT mail me with questions that is not something that only I could answer!!! I get shitloads of questions like “What firmware is best?” “How do I overclock?” “Program x do not work, help!” And I’m very short on time and do not have time to reply on such mails.

Such mails will be ignored!!! I still wants mail with new firmwares and such of course at

Do not PM me with questions that could be answered by others as well.

Do not contact me over ICQ with questions that could be answered by others as well, if you still want to contact me over ICQ: Include a reason when asking me for verifying your request, then I’ll accept the request if I feel the reason is good enough.

Do NOT ask me for WAREZ and such over PM, mail or ICQ, I do not support WAREZ

You sound a bit overworked/stressed…you need a holiday,

(just joking) :bigsmile:

me and the others will answer the questions onhere…if we can…

Dude, 24% of the stickies posted are by you and are about you! If you hate it why do it?

To try to prevent a lot of questions to be asked again and again. (But it do not seem to work much as 50% of the asked questions could have been answered by doing a search at the forum or reading my sticky threads).

Also ask your questions on the forum, mailing directly to OC-Freak will make that others can’t read the question and answer and benefit from it ! These are just common sence things and in the end are the best for everyone !