Mail the Napster haters

I just posted the article Mail the Napster haters….

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This message was in our newssubmit, I think it’s kinda cool. Instead of raping your cat, breaking windows, or kill your mother, some other…

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I just mailed these basterds… Just read:

Subject: Just to let you know

Message Body:
To all,

You shouldn’t have done this.

The real Napster users bought records because of Napster. First trail and if we liked it, we bought the CD. If you can’t see that, you’re even more short-sighted then we tought you were.

Just to show you how much we appreciate what you’ve done, we(me and my friends) will stop buying “legal” records untill you’ve given Napster the right to excist again.
Trust me, this is going to be a loss for all of you.

Have a nice live(without my money),


mailed them too:

let 'em burn in HELL

Mail the assholes, don’t be shy. Tell 'em like it is. Share your anger and don’t buy any CDs.
Just do not buy any CD. That is the strongest statement we can make.

Hi! Go to
Then create a (fake) account. And call the RIAA .-D
I called 6 times this day!

I just mailed this msg to them

Well my friends, I have purchased many albums over the past 8yrs, I am now no longer willing to purchase another music cd in my lifetime. You obviously have no better time to fill your very sad lives except for giving grief to Napster users for d/l the available mp3’s on a trial basis. The sad fact is that the news find this more important than the little girl who was recently murdered, and the 113 deaths aboard the late concorde. You have signed your own death warrants, millions of persons all over the globe will stop buying music cd’s, and then lets see how long you last with no income. REMEMBER THIS YOU CANT STOP THE AVAILABILITY OF MP3’S ON THE NET. THE BATTLE WILL BE ONE YOU WILL NEVER WIN. HMM IT SEEMS METALLICA THE FUCKING SHITTY ROCK BAND CAUSED THE DEMISE OF NAPSTER, AS THEIR MP3’S WERE MADE AVAILABLE!! SO FUCKING WHAT, DO YOU WANT A MEDAL! WELL METALLICA I WOULDNT BE SUPRISED IF YOUR CREDABILITY JUST WENT TO 0, AND YOUR WEBPAGE REMOVED TO THE GUTTER, A PLACE IT BELONGS.

All of you do this:

  1. Dont buy any cd’s until Napster is back.

  2. Send e-mails of hate to RIAA, releve all of your anger hear (there not gonna kill u)

  3. if you want prank them, or use a net phone or something and relieve your stress and anger at lonely, sad bastards.

  4. download mp3’s from other places (plenty of sites) and burn them on a cd (in stead of buying them)

*Note; If none of us by cd’s until Napster is back, the music industry wont make much money. Therefore they might allow Napster operate as usual.

Fuck all those money-horny RIAA who the hell do they think there are. Now they have shut-down Napster, i just reached out right to there pockets were it hurts most!! Our whole company 115.000 people worldwide started to boycot all major record labels and string to buy no cd’s at all for the ext 3 months untill we can get Napster back online, and this si just the beginning. We are spreading the word with a thousand mails everyday and all reactions so far are positive in working along with our Boycot. Like we said power to people, and RIAA you just shut down your only money line…US!!! So now who is shuting who down. We will see you soon back Napster, everybody is working for you after what you’ve done for us!!!

We shouldn’t e-mail them at all…they’ll just feel good about themselves…just tell 'em you don’t care at all, and you just use an alternative as Gnutella or Napigator to look for another server for Napster…Don’t let these fuckers feel good amout themselves!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m as much for free downloads of MP3’s as much as the next guy(or girl) But wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could be this passionate about the environment or something that really matters? Just food for thought. Oh well…I’m off to download some MP3’s (and with an additional 6wks to do it in!) Guess I don’t have to stay up until midnight!

What’s Metallica worried about? It’s not like I’m going to buy any of their songs. I wouldn’t listen to any of their music even if it was free.

They are only going to listen once millions of people stop buying CD’s and we let them know about it… The NET should not be controlled by the rich as they are trying to do now… If they shut down napster, Gnutella and the rest are next… Then whats to say they wont target individual FTP sites and web sites… Remember that it does stop there… I pay to have “Unlimited FREE internet access!” and thats what I expect… So bomb these bastards with emails… I would also bomb the media with mail… Afterall they get the word out better than anyone out there… So keep bombing with the emails and dont give in… Shut 'em Down!

Well, I guess it’s back to the drawingboard for the RIAA/BUMA STEMRA! Since I’m no longer buying ANY CD ever (and many people with me). Guess my Plextor has to make some overtime from now on…

Napster isn’t shut down…we can just use Napigator to log on to another server…I don’t think there’s a problem at all

If you’re not gonna buy any cd’stha’s fine with me, but don’t ignore the bands who happen to support Napster (like Limp Bizkit and Cypress Hill).