Mail-in rebate crap spreading

Yes! I have seen on no less than TWO accounts this past few weeks fancy posters claiming to give you money off stuff you buy. Normally, thats just great, but this time, it’s in the form of mail-in-rebates, the latest in line of many american exports nobody wants. It’s not a rebate if I have to pay full price, now is it? And then they send me a “cheque” for my next buy of chips. How is that a rebate? I pay full price and then have to pay even more just to get rid of that darn cheque! Rebate!?

MIRs are better than no rebates at all.

Mail in Rebates are about as welcome as leprosy as far as I’m concerned.

They change a simple process of pick-up-item/see-price/pay-for-item into an endless quest of jumping through hoops to get your rebate - if you’re lucky.

This “idea” should be squashed like a bug NOW before it spreads from Sweden to Denmark!

I agree…:iagree:

I’ve only ever had one MIR (about 6 years ago), and I never used it. Not worth the bother IMO.

what is that word… :o sorry… again my possessed dictionary :sad:

aha! SPAM :bigsmile:


One of the biggest culprits (Best Buy) in the States has quit using MIR’s for most items - thank god!

I hate MIRs and never purchase anything because of them. In fact, I avoid stores that heavily use MIRs (CompUSA) to entice you. I bet I haven’t been in a CompUSA store in over 3 years. And if they were all I had locally, I would purchase online again avoiding etailers that heavily use MIRs.