Maid in Manhattan

I was trying to backup my copy of Maid in Manhattan, using DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD or 5.9.4 (not sure at which point I ripped it), and burned with Recode

Everything seemed to go fine, burned using an NEC 3550A. When I stick it in my Sony player I get the RCE error message saying I need to play it on an unmodified Region 1 player. I have a Region 1 player, and the original disc is Region 1.

I could use some assistance. Also, I have the ripped files still on my harddrive, do I need to dig out the original and rerip it or will I be able to use these files still?



Okay, final question on this. When I put the burned copy back into my NEC 3550A and pull up DVD Decrypter, it says that there is no RCE there. Also, my player is labeled as Region 1, but it is a Sony NC615 which I searched and found out was region-free. Given that my DVD player is around 5 years old, does that explain why this wouldn’t work?