Brand name: Magnex
Media type: DVD-R 1X
MID code: I don’t know
Firmware used: 043
Burn software used: Nero 6
Write contents: 4.2 GBs of data
Number of media tried: 1
Burn result: 1 OK (recorded at 1x)
Verification result: 1 OK
Verification program: nero cd speed


Don’t want to sound like a pain in the ass but how hard can it be to:

  1. Post in the right thread
  2. Get the MID code of the media

First of all there is already a thread (it’s even a sticky one) for posting results for compatible media here

Secondly if you don’t take the time to get the MID code of the media, the information is useless to the rest of us anyway! Like I said a thousand times before: use an app like to get the MID code.

Come on guys, let’s keep this forum as uncluttered as possible. Please take the time to scan the existing threads before starting a new thread.


Beware of the verification by Nero on the same drive.

I made the same test yesterday on the same disk( MAGEXX 1x -RW) , and verification was ok, just as you got , BUT … NO OTHER DVD PLAYER can read the disk … I tried on 4 readers, two on p.c., two stand alone DVD players … no one acceptet the disk … I will post more when I will have time … including codes and a formal test … I just want to advise you … verification on the same DVD Burner is not always enought to say the disk is OK!!!

Please provide MID code information and post the results on one of the MEDIA COMPATIBILITY: … threads.

This thread will selfdestruct within a few days…

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