Magnetic fields , televisions and radios can damage DVD RW?, Really?

when I bought my DVD RW I received a booklet.
in the booklet, Under safety information written:

“do not use or place this device near magnetic fields, televisions, or radios to avoid electronic interference that affects drive performance”

Magnetic fields , televisions and radios can damage my DVD RW Or that the company only covers itself?

if so,
How long since the beginning of use of devices with magnetic fields the DVD RW can be damage?

magnetic fields affects drive performance only when the drive in action (burning,reading)?

The computer itself is not a magnetic field?


Not something you need to be concerned about. This is just the manufacturer covering all bases…no matter that it is extremely unlikely.

I doubt you have a magnetic field strong enough to interfere with the drive while it is running.

Let’s say that drive performance was affected,
in this case EAC can discover it?