Magnavox zv450mw8 dvd recorder/vcr?

Is anyone familiar with this model?

I tried goggling but all the threads I found were just the basic quality is good or bad, this feature is good or bad kind of thing. I was wondering if anyone had one and might have some tips (media it likes, tips to get it to burn decent etc). I suppose I’ll just start with verbatim’s and see what I get.

I was kind of thinking I could use it as a dvr too. If I understand right it can record scheduled tv to dvdr/rw.

Fyi, the reason I bought it without researching it first, was that I got it refurbed for 28$. I don’t really need a stand alone dvd recorder which is why I don’t have one yet (I can do anything it can do on computers). They sell for 170$ new at wallmart and sell for 80-100$ refurbed at my work. So we got a returned broken one (broken vcr according to the customer) and I figured I could still use the dvd recorder. It cannot be sent back so the manager sold it to me for 35$ (plus 20% employee discount). Turns out it was completely dead. I tried my luck with the warranty, and got a replacement refurb in working order. I figure it might be able to do some things faster/easier than doing it on the computer?

I don’t think this is a premo model; I would save up for something better.

I don’t really need one. I got it for 28$ (something better is going to be about 10 times that), so I figured it would be something to play with. With any luck, I’ll get some useful function out of it.