Magnavox NB 530MGX Upscalling issue?

Saw this at Wal-Mart for $128, how is the upscaling and has anyone had any problems with it?

So I bought the Megnavox NB 530MGX. Works good but after putting in an Andy Griffith DVD it has alot of facial lines in it. The Andy Griffith looks decent on a regular DVD player but upscaled looks bad. Is this becasue it is so old or becasue it is B&W?

I did not expect the Andy Griffith to look like HI DEF but I did expect a bit more clarity.

As a low-end budget player, the DVD upscalling quality is just OK, not brilliant. This Blu-ray player is made by Funai by the way.

Thx for the info. Most of the things being upscaled are things from the 70’s and 80’s anyway. The most recent movie to be upsacled would probably be inthe early 90’s.

BTW, do you think there will be tons of great deals on BR players this Christmas? I am thinking of returning this, plus the fact it has shut off for no reason 2 times.

$200+ quality and name brand Blu-ray players will undoubtly flood the market by Thanksgiving and Christmas. :slight_smile:

Even now you can get Panasonic DMP-BD60 from amazon for $209.50 shipped.


Thx for the help.

If there a HUGE diff. in $200 players and the Mag 530MGX. It seems to show a great HD pic.

The BR Live and all that other extra stuff means nothing to me.