Magnavox MWR20V6 - Timer Record Problem

I recently purchased a Magnavox MWR20V6 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, and it records fine on any media I’ve used on it so far (DVD+R/RW & DVD-R/RW). However, there is one major issue, the Timer record set never works…

Around 1 minute before it reaches the time I programmed it to record, the DVD logo on the clock panel starts blinking. And it never records.

After this happens, when I go to the Timer Set menu, there is an asterik* by the Date, and it says E40, which the instruction manual says is Error code 40.

The manual is very vague and says E40 means “Some portion has not been recorded because of program overlapping. Recording time did not start at start time.” But there is no overlapping. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Does anyone else here own a MWR20v6? I can’t find hardly anything about this model online.

Don’t feel bad or dumb. Virtually everyone (including me) made the same mistake you did. The owner’s manual does explain the entire process thoroughly and correctly, on pages 30-31 under TIMER RECORDING.

Using the TIMER button on the remote control permits you to build a list of up to (8) future video programming event(s) you wish to record. You performed that part of the process exactly right. However, you merely failed to place the unit in the STANDBY MODE by pressing the TIMER SET button on the remote control, which is the FINAL step in the process!

Placing the unit in STANDBY MODE effectively powers it down, just as if you’d turned it OFF as you normally do. The difference being, when the unit’s in STANDY MODE it’ll automatically turn itself ON, tune to the correct channel and begin recording at the start-time specified, in the entry you made using the TIMER menu. Certainly, it would’ve been far more intuitive if they’d named the button STANDBY instead of TIMER SET.

If you want to use your DVDR in the meanwhile to view a DVD or VHS movie, just press the TIMER SET button on the remote control again to take it out of STANDBY mode. Just be darn sure to reinsert a BLANK DVD back in the tray and place the unit back in STANDY MODE again, once you’re done.

While overseas products (such as those made in China) are dazzlingly low in cost (due to slave labor wages) we must remember the documentation’s written by people whose native language and culture is NOT the same as ours. This becomes painfully apparent upon having to decipher the documentation accompanying such products.

I have had my player for 3 and 1/2 months, two weeks past the covered labor warranty…It worked fine until two days ago my clock stays on the same time. I reset it over and over and the clock won’t run. I tried unplugging it overnight so I could reset it and still the clock stands still. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have the same issue regarding timer recordings. I followed all directions including also hitting the Timer Set button so that the unit turns off and the timer clock is in the window. As you said, two minutes before the timed recording is set to begin, DVD begins to flash and it flashes and flashes all through the timed recording and when checking the timer it has E40 too. I have tried every type of disk out there…brand new top quality ones and have experimented over the past month in un-plugging it, trying different channels and times, etc and the same thing. Odd thing is that if I hit DVD record button without setting the timer recording, it works fine. The problem is that this program that the DVD recorder does to ‘read’ the Disk in there. It does not work and cannot for some reason read the type of disk in there when going through the timer recording. All other times, when playing the disk, or just one time recording by hitting the button, it works fine and the disk is read fine. I cannot find any help on this and unfortunately I have no receipt. There nearest place to get it fixed is many hours away.

It works fine as a VCR Recorder and the timer recording for that is fine. I can find no info on this problem either.

I purchased this same model back in early November for the purpose of dubbing our old VHC tapes onto DVD’s. It was in-expensive and worked great for that.

Any help is appreciated…


I’m sorry to change the subject but I just got a Magnavox MWR20V6 and I had the box (With the Magnavox MWR20V6 in it) on the floor in front of the TV. We then went out to grab some dinner and when we got back we found the box, wires and owners manual shredded on the floor. It seems that My dog loved it. Anyway, does anyone know how I can get an owners manual?
Any help would be greatly appreaciated.
Thank you

It turns out that the Funai Corporation manufactures for Magnavox. Here’s a link to the PDF file:

My son bought the magnavox mwr20v6 for me for Christmas. After a very stressful week of trying to get the time programming to work my tecy brother in law came over to help with it. We finally decided that it wasn’t us but the machine malfunctioning.
We took it back to walmart for a refund, bought a stand alone magnavox mwr10d6 for the little tv & a emerson ewv404 vhs machine for the rca in the living room. We have now had both for 2 days. No problems so far.

I bought the Magnavox MWR20V6 and have had no actual problems with it. However, there is one thing I can’t seem to find a solution for. After recording to a DVD the segment shows up in the DVD menu as a ‘title’. But the empty space on the disk also shows up as another title. I assumed that when I finalized the disk the blank space wouldn’t show up in the menu anymore, but after finalizing it’s still there as a non-playable title. I’ve gone through the manual several times but I can’t find a way to get rid of the ‘blank space title’ that’s in the menu. I’m supposed to be able to delete any title before finalizing, but ‘blank space titles’ don’t have that editing option. Am I missing something simple, or has anyone found a way to do this?

Thanks for any help-----Bob Ryan.

Another problem. Editing chapters, either adding or deleting, only seems to have an effect when playing back on the Magnavox unit. After recording to DVD I added some chapters with ‘edit’ mode, then finalized. But when I played the DVD on someone elses DVD player the chapters I added were gone. The only time I can see the chapters I added are if I play back on my Magnavox recorder. I also tried the automatic chapter feature placing a chapter mark every five minutes. I then edited them and deleted every other chapter. After finalizing, I played the DVD in the Magnavox unit and the deleted chapters were gone. But when I play the DVD in someone elses DVD player the deleted chapters are back again! It seems that the only permanent chapters are the auto-chapter markers. What’s up with that? Anyone else notice this?

I recently bought a Magnavox mwr20v6 vcr and dvd combo. In the beginning I had not trouble with it. Last week, I wanted to play a rental dvd (which I had done successfully before) and the following happened: I turned the unit on with the remote as before, opened the disc tray (with the remote) and reached for the dvd. About that time the unit turned itself off. It did this for several more attempts. Then I discovered I could turn the unit on and wait, and in a short time it would turn itself off.
Anyone have any ideas?

^ if you recently bought it take it back for a new one. Sound like a power supply problem.