Magnavox MWR20V6- DVD/VCR Recorder

Just bought the new Magnavox MWR20V6 at Walmart for the purpose of transferring all the old family VHS tapes to DVD archiving.

Unfortunately, I keep on getting an error which does not appear in the manual. It basically begins recording my vhs tape with the ‘one touch dubbing button’ and then inexplicably stops and give the following error message:
“Recording Error 25”–Cannot record. Then it craps out and stops recording.

HELP! I am using simple family home made movies so it’s not a copyrighted issue or disc protected issue. I am using new dvds just bought, so I can’t believe its them. More so, the problem is not with every video.

Any help is appreciated. :a

Same problem here man…Trying to dub old family movie VCR tapes to disc. I originally started using Memorex DVD+ and got the E25 error. Then used off brand cause i had them, just to try something different. made about 5 disc’s and started having same issue again. Runs 5 sec then craps out. I don’t know what to do, other than to go out and try one of their “recommended” discs to use…Could it be the quality of the VCR tape? or possibly a combination of that and the recording speed?

I found out by calling the customer service of FUNAI, which is the actual company under the magnavox brand, that the only dvds we should use are the X8 speed. anything speedier than that causes the problems. So far it proved true for 90% of the problems I had before. Ofcourse, that is not what the literature says. :bow:

well thanks for the update. that would have been my next thing to do to call them and ask. was just getting ready to go buy more discs and now good to know about the speed issue. now that i think about it, both of the discs i was using were 16x. thanks again :slight_smile:

I bought the Magnavox MWR20V6 and have had no actual problems with it. However, there is one thing I can’t seem to find a solution for. After recording to a DVD the segment shows up in the DVD menu as a ‘title’. But the empty space on the disk also shows up as another title. I assumed that when I finalized the disk the blank space wouldn’t show up in the menu anymore, but after finalizing it’s still there as a non-playable title. I’ve gone through the manual several times but I can’t find a way to get rid of the ‘blank space title’ that’s in the menu. I’m supposed to be able to delete any title before finalizing, but ‘blank space titles’ don’t have that editing option. Am I missing something simple, or has anyone found a way to do this?

Thanks for any help-----Bob Ryan.

To be honest i just returned my unit to Wal mart yesterday. When i recorded a segment and stopped to TITLE it, another empty title box always appeared as there was always empty space to fill on the disc. Can’t remember though if the empty box disappeared after finalizing or not. I don’t know if its an issue if it still stays there. You can’t add anthing else to the disc after finalizing anyhow. i only made about 3 or 4 discs before taking it back…Got tired of the error messages in the other posts

Another problem. Editing chapters, either adding or deleting, only seems to have an effect when playing back on the Magnavox unit. After recording to DVD I added some chapters with ‘edit’ mode, then finalized. But when I played the DVD on someone elses DVD player the chapters I added were gone. The only time I can see the chapters I added are if I play back on my Magnavox recorder. I also tried the automatic chapter feature placing a chapter mark every five minutes. I then edited them and deleted every other chapter. After finalizing, I played the DVD in the Magnavox unit and the deleted chapters were gone. But when I play the DVD in someone elses DVD player the deleted chapters are back again! It seems that the only permanent chapters are the auto-chapter markers. What’s up with that? Anyone else notice this?

I have been looking into buying this DVD/VCR combo unit. Now I see that it might have some problems with it, however. Would you all still recommend it, or perhaps a DVD Player/Recorder and a separate VCR to replace the one I have that conked out??

What exactly would some of you with experience with the unit suggest? I have about 40 tapes I wanted to convert to DVD, about half bought (probably copywrited) and about half my own recordings off HBO etc.

Then I had planned on doing all my recording off the cable onto DVD.

What should I do?


Oh, and I have three quick questions regarding this Magnavox combo I hope one of you can answer:

(1) I have a cable coaxial cord 9 (the round one) as input. Does the unit have a “coax in” so that I can simply hook it up to the wall directly with the coaxial input?

(2) I also have the same coax input to my television and only that. Does the unit have a “coax out” that will send directly to my TV this way using a coax cable?

(3) As far as audio goes, I have an old 150 W Kenwood receiver with Sanyo speakers to match that I wouldn’t trade or change for the world. I assume the unit has dual plugins for left and right channel audio that I can plug into one of the inputs, such as auxilliary or tape, on my receiver and then get quality stereo sound?



PS…does the unit have a Dolby 5.1 configuration???

I have a dvd player that gives me a E 4 54039000 recording error. I have new dvds and I can’t see to figure out why I can’t record?

I have a problem with this unit, it will not allow me to record my dvds and videos to another dvd, I get a error code is there any way that i can get around the copywrite?

Many negative reviews for this unit on the web.
To backup MV protected video you will need and seperate VCR and a Video Stabilizer.