Magnavox mdr515 or mdr513 and Direct TV

I was writing to see if either of these is compatible with
Direct-TV or should i get the DirectTV DVR?
I was planning on getting a pair of the magnavoxes, one for satellite tv and one to transfer my VHS to HDD to DVD.
Thank everyone in advance.

I’ve addressed your questions in MyCE posts from 12/2009 (as DigaDo) and 2/2010 and 8/2010 (as VoxHumana) as well as your AVS Forum posts (as DigaDo).

I suggest that you review the MyCe and AVS Forum responses. The AVS Forum is a wealth of information concerning these outstanding products. The most active Magnavox HDD/DVD recorder thread currently has 12,514 posts with 1,184,938 views.