Magnavox MDR-513 Will Not Play Back Finalized DVD's Dubbed On H2160MW9



I have just gotten a Magnavox MDR513H and have discovered that it will not play back some DVD’s which I dubbed from the HDD on my H2160MW9 (and I have a lot of them). When I attempt to play them back on the 513, I get a message that says “Eject disk, playback feature may not work on this disc”.

The 513 is a newly refurbished unit, refurbished by Funai and I bought it newly refurbished equivalent to new. It arrived straight from the distributor about a week ago and is just at the beginning of it’s 90 day warranty. It is essentially a brand new unit right out of the box.

These DVD’s were all finalized on the H2160MW9 and play back fine on my other DVD recorder/players such as my Panasonic DMR-ES45VS. The 513 is the only device I have which will not play them. The 513 DOES play back DVD’s that were dubbed and finalized on it’s own drives however.

The DVDs I use are Taiyo Yuden 4.7GB, 8X DVD-R DVD’s, not an uncommon type at all and if they are not the best quality media I could find surely must be close to it.

In my testing, I have discovered that SOME of the DVD’s from the H2160 WILL play on the 513 and others won’t. I have also found the same results with DVDs which I burned on my PC…some play on the 513 and some won’t. The only type of DVDs that I haven’t had problems with, at least so far are commercially pre-recorded DVDs (i.e. movies, etc.) issued by normal outlets, stores, etc.

The failures seem specific to particular DVDs, in other words the same DVD fails repeatedly on the 513. Furthermore, those same DVDs, which have NEVER failed to playback on the H2160 have also NEVER failed to play back on the Panasonics when I tested them. That would seem to me to rule out any kind of finalization problem.

Another point…as I mentioned earlier, I have always used the Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs of the same type and specifications and as far as I know, are about the best quality blank DVDs I can buy. The problems I am experiencing have not only been intermittent within the same brand/type of DVDs, I have been able to pin down that they have also been intermittent within the same cake box of blank DVDs (I keep records of which DVDs I have recorded came from which cake box). In other words, some DVDs from the same cake box fail repeatedly on the 513 while others from the same cake box play back regularly without problems on the 513.

This has become a real mystery and I guess a call to Funai service may be in order. Since I hate to go through the trouble of packing the box up and returning it for a warranty claim (and it may come to that), I thought I’d check and see if anyone here had any ideas on what I may be missing or what may be a simple fix for the problem.


There’s not much your going to be able to do about this. Some older drives are picky readers. You could try and clean the lens in the drive, very gently wipe it with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.