Magnavox lcd 32" hdtv problem



I recently bought a MAGNOVOX LCD HDTV 32 ".
I bought it because it was a bargain below $ 500.00 dollars.
So what’s my problem? . The T.V. and the HD looks fine.
What’s going on is when I connected my dvd recorder using
the component connections cable, The sound is too low.
Everything is connected allright. So my question is they have
another similar MAGNOVOX with a built in dvd player. I know
how some in the forum feel they are junk if they are built into
one unit. However on one of these will the sound of the dvd’s be more
consistent then using the component and audio cable connections.?


Having had owned a TV repair shop for 8 odd years, I offer this free advice, never buy anything with the name Magnavox on it. It is not a company, it is a name. You will never know what you get and will never be able to get it fixed.


Could be several problems. The recorder output, the cables, of the TV inputs. Some players also have volume controls, so ensure the sound isn’t turned down on the player.


[B] I have a 32" Magnavox HDTV 1080i and it was working ok last night when I turned it off at 3:15 a.m. this morning then I went to turn it on this morning and it clicks on then clicks right off then keeps clicking on and off without even showing a picture or sound. Does this mean the tv is shot and I need to buy a new one or is this something simple to fix? The funny thing is I just finished paying it off and now it died, I believe I purchased it less than 3 years ago around Halloween time as a matter of fact. LOL… [/B]


Try unplugging the TV from the wall, wait for about 10 seconds or so. Plug the TV back in and try it.

Usually when this problem occurs its blown capacitor(s) on the TV’s main board.

The best suggestion is to get an estimate on the cost for repair, Then decide weather the cost is worth the repair or to purchase a new TV.