Magnavox DVR - default 'Lock' password?

Has anyone any idea what the default password (four figures) is for the ‘lock’ feature on the Magnavox MRV 810H/05?

Long story, bought it cheap because it was a display model in the shop and it didn’t come with any manual. I locked a film I recorded yesterday thinking I could just ‘unlock’ it when I wanted to delete it, like on my other DVR, but it’s asking for a password. I’ve tried all the obvious combinations (0000, 1111, 2222, 1234, etc!) but nothing works.

I’ve tried to find a manual for it on the internet, but no joy (it seems to be only sold in the Czech Rep and Holland), and it’s not even mentioned on the Magnavox/Philips website (and manuals for other models don’t seem to have this password). I rang the shop and they haven’t a clue, but have offered to swap it for a dearer model. Reluctant to leave it back because it’s all set up and working beautifully, apart from this!

Has any one any idea what the default password is or how I could reset the machine in case someone in the shop changed it?


Are you in Europe?

I found this on the Magnavox support site.
It is for a totally different model, but you
might try it, with nothing to lose. :slight_smile:

• The Access Control screen will
appear when you try to play a
Locked Disc. If you do not know
your code, press STOP.Then,
select Access Control as
described in steps 1-3 on page
58. When you are asked to
enter the code, press STOP
four times (no indication will
appear in the menu). Press SYSTEM
MENU, then press PLAY
to start playback.This restores all
the Access Control settings to
their original factory settings. All
Discs can play, and you should
set a new code.

So, did you ever have any luck?