Magnavox CD Tray

thank you for answering my question about the tuners on the Magnavox Player. Now I have a problem in that I can’t open the CD tray, In fact I I get no response from the Player at all. It worked two days ago and when I was trying to set the time last night, there was nothing. There is no menu to allow me to get to any settings. I know the connections are correct since it DID work two days ago. Thank you

Unplug the unit & leave it unplugged for about 2 hours.
Then plug back in.

The setup routines, including setting the clock, must be completed before a Magnavox 515 can be operated. If you set the clock to automatic and there is no channel feeding a good time signal to the internal tuners there will be operational problems (including a channel and time search just before noon and midnight every day). [B]Set the clock manually and set auto clock to OFF.[/B]

Your situation is described in this AVS Forum post:

My new 515 was set up for the first time today. This 515 is one of my eight Magnavox and Philips HDD/DVD recorders.

The first post in Wajo’s sticky thread is the gateway to a wealth of information concerning the Magnavox 515 and earlier models:

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